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Dr. Erin Rhae Biller, ND, FAIHM  

equips you take ownership of

your health + emotional well being

Meet Dr. Erin Rhae Biller, ND, FAIHM

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

I Am...
A licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Natural Medical Expert, Educator and Consultant with a focus in Psychedelic Integration, Women's Health, Plant-Based Wellness, Natural Products, and Eclectic Laboratory Testing.  

I Am Here...
To help you radically transform your life.

I Want You To Know…
That you are loved, valued, heard, and cared for, and in turn that you are able to love, value, hear, and care for yourself and others.

I Practice…
Integrative medicine emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the least invasive therapeutic options to treat the root causes of diseases and ailments.

I Treat…
EACH PERSON, not their diagnoses.

Dr. Erin Rhae Biller Headshot.jpeg

My Focus

Employer Wellness and Business Medicine Consultant


Medicine Clinical Practice


Integration Coaching and Advocacy

Naturopathic Thought Leadership

What I Specialize In


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

Dr. Biller was able to work with me through an acute condition and helped me mitigate any lingering symptoms with simple, easy to implement treatment instructions.

 Sarah Hernholm, New York 

You have to see Dr. Biller if you want to find answers to unanswered questions regarding your health. 

Yodit Eklund, Senegal 

Best doctor I have ever seen! Dr. Biller assisted me in understanding my body and thoroughly explained what is going on and how to best treat it.

Leila Pari, California

I feel so confident in my health and my wellbeing after a telehealth consult  with Dr. Biller.

 Meitha A, Dubai, UAE 

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